Updating the look of your site (Guide)

Whether you have an existing site with an older template, or want to change the way your default site looks, this faq may help.

It provides links to various help-faq items where possible.

As a starting point you should read the overview - How can I make changes to the way my site looks?  which outlines the different areas you can make changes.

Options for improving the look of your website.

Update the look of your site by changing your default theme 

You can choose new theme from with the CMS and back up your old theme is you would like to return to it.

 Changing your theme targets the outer styling of your website, not the internal page content, categories and products.

Choosing a new theme

Update your homepage

If you are using one of our newer Contentbox-ready templates you can look to update your homepage to a full-width Contentbox page with Special snippet blocks , categories or contact form widgets.

Updating your homepage

Add sliders and widgets

Add interest to your website with animated slider content blocks and enable widgets such as Standard Shopping links.

About Sliders Widget Areas Special Snippet Blocks

Update your banner to use captions

Using Contentbox to manage your banners, you can add captions an call to action buttons to your banner area.

About the Primary Banner Contentbox Banner overview

Add button links to your content for call to actions.

By adding buttons to your content you can visually break up your content, driving viewers to specific services or products, or to fill out a form or get in touch.

Creating a button link

Add a custom footer

If you don't already have one you can add a custom footer to your website, there are preset footer snippet blocks ready to add or you can build your own from scratch.

Where to add a Website Footer

Add a custom header

You can add a custom header to your website for important information or free shipping notifications.

You can also remove the custom header if not needed.

How to edit my Template Header

Change to a new font

In the CMS you can choose one of the existing fonts available or search and embed fonts from https://fonts.google.com/ or install your own font-files.

The CMS allows you to specify heading and body fonts as via the DESIGN > FONTS AND TEXT COLOURS area.

You can also target specific elements via the custom element styling area.

Where to change your website fonts

More places to make improvements

Change your page layouts and display options

You can change layout of any page, including Enquiry Forms, Galleries and Category/Product List pages.

Changing the Page LayoutChanging the number of items showing per-page



Use Headings and update font-sizing

You can improve the look of your content pages by applying headings, or adjusting your font-sizing.

You have the ability to change text sizing within each page or at a template level.

Change Headings and font-sizing

Make your image sizing consistent

Use the Crop Wizard or Drag-Drop image wizard to permanently crop or temporarily shape your images

Consistent Image CroppingDrag-drop Image Wizard

Update your text-only pages using the Drag-drop or Contentbox editors

Update your old text only TINYMCE pages to the newer block-based Drag-drop editor.

About Drag-drop About Contentbox

Add hover states and animations

Add animations to your Drag-drop snippet blocks and Contentbox sections.

Hover states and animations

Make your Contentbox page full width

You can increase the width of any Contentbox page to be fullwidth. Requires large images or thumbnails.

Change the width of your Contentbox page

Make use of Ultra-wide Page layouts

Make page content ultra-wide with specific page layouts, editors and styling.

Ultrawide Page Layouts

Increase or change the thumbnail sizes, regenerate thumbnails

If your thumbnails are looking a bit blurry after changing your template or layout, you can change the thumbnail size or regenerate thumbnails.

Increasing Thumbnails

Source new images from free and royalty free image libraries

Improve the images on your website with some new ones from online libraries.

Sourcing Images

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