Bookings and bookings management

Bookings are normally made by customers the same way as they would do usual shopping.

A customer chooses products and puts them to basket, then goes to checkout and chooses booking start and finish time (only start time for services), then submits and finishes the order. Bookings become visible for managers in CMS.

Bookings for staff members and accommodation can be managed on "Reservation System" page.

For each member/resource there is an "Edit Bookings" button, also bookings overview is available. Bookings are currently shown as dark grey blocks with start and finish time (probably more info will be shown there in the future). The administrator can change booking time, duration or assign it to another staff member, create new bookings and delete them. Free cells in the calendar are clickable as well as booking start - finish time in grey booking blocks and you can drag booking blocks around.

Managing Hire Products

For hire products you can theoretically manage bookings for each item on "Bookings" tab for the product, although such level of management is hardly needed.
When administrator is managing bookings they are not constraint by office hours or staff working hours. They can even create overlapping bookings if it makes sense
Administrators can create repetitive bookings (choosing booking frequency on booking creation form). In this case they have to set both booking start and finish date. Repetitive booking can be useful for example to exclude staff lunch time from availability.