Create a link button [Menu Link]

What is a Menu Link?

Adding a Menu Link page to your website will allow you a add a Menu Button witt a link that you specify so thatwhen the menu button is clicked will take the viewer to the page you have specified. It provides the same function as adding a link to an image or a piece of text does, but appears in your menu.

There is no page to add content - images/text to when choosing this page.

Link options include: (Subject to change)

  • Link to a page on this site
  • Link to news/events/gallery/faq pages - (if there are any found on the site)
  • Link to shopping category page
  • Link to shopping product item
  • Link to a file on the site
  • Attach a new file/PDF/Word etc
  • A URL (link) to another website
  • An email link to an email address

How to add a Menu Link and link it to any page or category etc

  1. Roll the cursor over the webpages button in the editor.
  2. Select add page - from there select Menu Link... (next to sub menu)
  3. Give the button a name, and use the wizard to select where you want the link to point to.

Link to a category and have the sub-categories appear as drop-down menu items

When you create a menu link and link to a category a checkbox will appear underneath the link.

Include sub menu:

Checking the option will show the subcategories as a drop-down item.