From Addresses, Notifications & Validation

If you want to control the NOTIFICATION or REPLYTO address you can do this in the required page's OPTIONS tab.

What about using the customers email address as the from address? 

We used to do it this way but due to changes in GMAIL and other ISPs and email clients, we have had to stop doing this. If an incoming email server knew we were not authorised to send emails on behalf of the customer, then many of those emails got marked as spam. It's a no win situation, because either the email is marked as spam, or the email's are difficult to sort or reply to.

All emails that originate from our server now use the PRIMARY CONTACT EMAIL of the website, as of October 2014.

Historically we used to use the customers email address, but those emails have a tendency to go to your spam folder, because we are not authorised to send emails on behalf of other people. Our system has to use the FROM address that we are entitled to use. And we put the customers email into the suplementary REPLYTO address field. Different email clients will treat this approach differently, some will display the FROM address and others will display the REPLYTO address, however, when you click REPLY, you should get the REPLYTO address.

But in GMAIL, this is not alway so. If your FROM address is the same as the current INBOX, and you click REPLY, you won't get the result you want, and you will need to find a way to work around it. And/or copy/paste the email address from the body of the email.

Even emails from my own web master address get spam filtered? 

There are many different possibilities for this

  • If we do not manage your email, then we are not the authorised mail provider for you. And other servers may not trust us to send emails on your behalf. Consider using our mail server for one of your domains, and use that domain as your primary website contact address.
  • If we do not manage your email, then make sure you add our IP address range to your SPF records, but that process is very complicated and support fees are chargeable. 
  • If we do manage your email, your email should not get spam filtered unless you are a known spammer and/or have spammy content. Take a hard look at your emails and consider if you have badly written content that might make spam filters think twice about your emails. Sometimes, sheer volume may play a part, with a percentage of your customers manually choosing to tell google or some other email provider that they think your email is spam. If your past customers think your newsletters are spam, perhaps they are... Consider expiring old customers from your email list, and revising your wording of your emails. 

Where can i check / set validation for the drag & drop Subscribe / Registration pages?

Choose to edit the form via the Add/Edit form fields, sections, rename or reorder fields button.

This will take you to the form field set up area, where your current active fields are in the left-hand column.

Edit the field using the COG ICON and set the minimum number of characters required for the field