Creating an Email Template / Email Tags

When starting a new email you have the option of either
  • Creating a new email with our default template
  • Or "repeat/copy" from a previously sent email, using it as your template for each new bulk email

You cannot modify the default template, however copying an existing newsletter works well and often saves much re-entry.

Personalising your Templates

Unsubscribe links will be taken care of for you in the footer of your email, however you can include the following fields in your email content

  • [FIRSTNAME] their first name (first name retrieved from the full NAME member record)
  • [NAME] their name (complete name retreived from the NAME member record)
  • [EXPIRY] their expiry date if any exists
  • [PASSWORD] their password
  • [REFERENCE] members reference number if any exists
  • [CONFIRMLINK] creates a special link that allows customers to confirm their email address validity (double optin)
  • [autoLoginURL] or [autoLoginLink]
  • [unsubscribeURL] or [unsubscribeLink]
  • [mbr_points_balance] or [points_summary] only if points > 0

If you want to use background images and more complex items, then more technical users may refer to the email stylesheet in the custom templates design area.

You can also use additional fields inside square tags []

  • mbr_phone
  • mbr_addr
  • mbr_city
  • mbr_country
  • mbr_fax
  • mbr_company
  • mbr_expiry
  • mbr_postcode
  • mbr_suburb
  • mbr_mobile

And for the sake of completeness and brevity, you can also use any of these, in both the subject and email body. And tags are case insensitive.










mbr_terms_agreed, mbr_debtcollect, mbr_balance,

mbr_balance30days, mbr_balance60days,mbr_balance90days,mbr_points_balance,


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