Resizing Rows and Columns

You can reduce the size of any snippet block from the default 100% available width to a custom width, and align center, left, right either by drag-drop or by settings in the Style Editor popup.

Resizing Rows by drag-drop

  1. Click the required snippet block to highlight it
  2. Click and drag the blue handle that appears on the right side of the snippet to the max-width required
  3. Once completed, drag the snippet using the green 4-way arrow icon that shows top left of the snippet block.


Resizing Rows by Style Editor popup

You can set a specific width for your snippet block by setting the max-width value in the Style Editor Popup. To access the Style Editor, click the red COG icon that shows top-left above the snippet block.

1. Click the red COG icon to launch the Style Editor

2. Choose a value from the MAX WIDTH setting.

3. Once set an alignment option will appear allowing you to set the alignment.

Resizing Columns

You can resize a column by hovering near the edge of the column. 

This will bring up a resize toolbar, clicking this will increase the size of the column, reducing the size of the column next to it to fit.

Choosing a column and direction to expand.

Column sizing after resize.