Site Modernisation - Creating a Homepage with Contentbox

While Contentbox allows you to create stacked content Sections, it uses Drag-drop snippet blocks for its internal section content.

If you havent aready, you should check out the Drag-drop and Contentbox sections of the help-faq.

Updating an old layout or old content to use use the options available in Contentbox

Worst case scenario- an example of an older text-based homepage.

Can be rebuilt as a new dynamic Contentbox homepage.

Changing to the Contentbox editor

You can change any standard text page to the Contentbox or other editors - see how to change editor modes 

A breakdown of a Contentbox Homepage

This is an example showing some typical options that might be added, but there are many different approaches and options available.

[A] - Standard Shopping Links (Widget)

You can add standard shopping links as a widget to the top of the page. The standard widget area is Top Toys, but you can add to many different locations on the site.

Add My Account / Cart / Checkout Links

Widget Areas

[B] - Contentbox Banner

You can use Contentbox to manage and build your banners using all the features available in the editor. There are Single caption image sliders and Multi-caption slider sections ready to use.

Contentbox Banner Overview 

[C] Category Slider Widget

You can add a Category (or Product) Slider Widget to load in categories from a shopping page. There is also a grid option available.

You can enable shop buttons in the slider options.

About Sliders

[D] Featured Product Grid Widget

You can add a Featured Product Widget to load in products promoted with a homepage featured status. As above there is also a slider option available.

You can enable shop buttons in the slider options.

About Featured Sliders and Grid widgets

[E] Static Product Snippets

You can feature products using our Product Snippet Blocks.

These a special snippets that allow you to quickly browse to and populate the snippet block with the required product images and pricing.

About Product Snippets

[F] A 2-Column Contentbox Section

This is a standard section you can add via the ADD-SECTION button in the Contentbox editor. You can add multiple sections of different styles to the Contentbox page. This is just one of the sections on the example page.

About the Contentbox editor

[G] Subscribe Snippet Block

This is a ready-made snippet block you can add or drag-drop into the page for subscriber signups.

About the Drag-drop editor

[H] Template Footer

Add your own template footer content to appear on all pages.

About the Website Footer


Video Tutorial - Building a Homepage in Contentbox

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