How to link to a page or file (Drag Drop Editor)

Editing an existing link

Editing an existing text Link

If you are editing an existing text link, hover over the text and click the EDIT LINK popup. Then skip to STEP 4 below.

Re-linking / Linking a button

If you are linking a button instead of text, hover over the button and click the EDIT LINK popup. Then skip to STEP 4 below.

Creating a new link

STEP 1: Click into the text content to activate text toolbar if hidden

STEP 2: Select the text you wish to use as your link

STEP 3: Select the link icon in the toolbar

STEP 4: Click On the Browse Button

Click the red icon with the chain under the LINK TO heading. You can also make the link a button here and open links in a new window and other options.

STEP 5: Choose the option you require from the list

  • Choose LINK TO A PAGE ON THIS SITE to get a list of pages you can link to
  • Choose the page required, this will update the link in the LINK SETTINGS popup
  • Close the link settings popup by clicking the X top right, or clicking anywhere outside the popup
  • Click the SAVE button to save your changes.

Adding an icon before the link e.g. Phone, Email

If using the Drag-drop or Contentbox editors you can quickly add an icon prefix to the link, when in the link settings popup.

  • Select an icon type from the ICON PREFIX dropdown.
  • To remove an icon, set the dropdown to none or blank.
  • If you need an icon type that is not listed you can browse for a new icon once the link is created.

Expanding the clickable area beyond its default link area

Enabling the EXPAND LINK AREA option found at the bottom of the link properties modal, will expand the link area to cover the parent div element / container, making a larger area clickable, not just the link text or button.

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