Inserting Images

There are dedicated Image blocks, with or without text or caption

Add an image that stretches full width of the page

Add an image that scales no larger than its max size, centered

Add a full-width image with a caption on top.

Add an a snippet block that contains both image and text.

You can change how image snippets look once added to the page

  • With the Column Tools, you can add more columns or change the size of the columns.
  • With the Style modal you can change the size and shape of the images,  
  • You can also add text into any image block by clicking the text cursor beside the image and pressing the enter key.
  • If you add a multi-column image and text snippet you can alter the width of the columns
  • You can add captions, colour overlays and animation.

How to add images by adding a new snippet block 

Images can be added via the + Add Snippet block button or dragged in via the sidebar

Changing the placeholder image with one of your own

Once you have added the snippet block to your page, you can replace the default image with your own one.

Adding an image to existing content

Click your mouse into an existing snippet block or text area, then click the Image icon in the top toolbar

Deleting an image from a snippet

Click and drag on an image until it highlights orange, and delete.

Importing images from another website

This is a great option for copying / pasting images even on your own website.

Find the image on the required site, In the browser - right-click the mouse and choose COPY IMAGE LINK or similar.

Paste the image url into the IMPORT IMAGE(S) BY SRC/URL field rather than browsing for a new image and import.