Smart Blocks

Smart Blocks Overview

Smart Blocks allow you to set and edit content once and have it show anywhere where you add the smart block [TAG] to your content. 

It also allows you to update content in one place and have the content update anywhere the [TAG] is used.


It is useful for adding facebook widget embed code or other code-based widgets which cannot easily be added using the Drag-drop and Contentbox editors.

It is also handy for repeatable content such as Size Guides or Staff Bio information e.g. for the writer of a set of blog posts.

Where to create Smart Blocks

Smart blocks can be found under the Design tab ->  Wording / Language heading -> Smart Blocks.

You will be shown a screen where you add new smart blocks or manage your existing ones.

  • The "Block Tag Name" will be the unique identifier you can use to insert your block content.
  • Your block content will replace your block tag on your website.
An example screenshot of the Add Smart Block screen.

How to add Smart Blocks into your content.

To use a block on your website put [your tag name here] this will enable you to have consistent information around your site.

This can be added to any content area when editing content.

For example if you put  your conditions in a smart block then added the tags in relevant places, you would only need to edit the smart block content once for it to update everywhere it is used.

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