Hover states and animations

You can add hover states or animations to Drag-drop snippet blocks and Contentbox sections

Drag-drop snippet block effects

You can add effects to the snippet block and its sub-elements by clicking the RED COG ICON in the top-left row tools then choosing the Effects icon (shown below) from the tab options.

Intro animation effects

Are applied when the snippet block comes in to view in the browser window

Interactions and hover effects

Are applied when the mouse cursor in hovered over the element. 


Apply box-shadows and text-shadows to the element.

Contentbox Section effects

You can add effects to a section via the BLUE COG ICON top left (or Blue Section Settings bottom right). There is an Animation section on the Section Settings popup.

Animate Background

Change the behaviour of the Section background image on hover or scroll.

Animate Section

Animation settings that apply when the section scrolls into view.