Custom Invoice / Receipt Templates / Notifications using [TAGS]

Free support is strictly limited for the advanced custom receipt / invoice templates area. The opportunity you have is to fine tune the layout of your dockets, but substantial effort is requried, and it's not for the light hearted.

Essentially you need to craft all the dynamic elements if you want a custom template. 

If you make a mistake and want to revert to the original defaul tempate, just delete your custom template and save it blank. 

Viewing your changes

You can view how your custom notification looks by viewing an ORDER in the shopping area, then choosing PRINT/EMAIL docs from the popup windows sidebar. There is an option to view each notification.

Custom notification example

Hi [b_cust_name]

thanks for your order [ORDERNUMBER]



Custom tags

Insert the tag between square brackets [] e.g. [b_cust_name] to have the relevant member record or order element pulled into the email.

Shopping - Order Summary Fields

ordersummarylines ordersummarylinesWithPrice

Shopping - Customer Detail Fields

b_cust_name b_cust_firstname b_cust_company b_cust_address b_cust_suburb
b_cust_city b_cust_state b_cust_suburb b_cust_postcode b_cust_country
b_cust_email b_cust_phone

Shopping - Delivery Detail Fields 

b_ship_name b_ship_firstname b_ship_company b_ship_address b_ship_suburb
b_ship_city b_ship_state b_ship_suburb b_ship_postcode b_ship_country
b_ship_email b_ship_phone

Shopping - Other Fields

b_cust_notes b_gift_message b_confirmTermsAndConditions b_custom_fields


Ecommerce / Order Related Fields

CONTENT EMAILBODY VOUCHER CustomerDetails GifteeDetails
GIFT_MESSAGE SHIP_COMMENTS b_paidon FullCustomerAddressAndOrderDetails affiliateInfo
paymentmethods WS_URL paidon shoppingTermsConditionsSummary

Shipping related tags

b_shippedon shippedon b_courier_ref b_courier_url b_courier_notes
ship_wording shippingdest

Ship Date: [b_shippedon] or [shippedon]
Tracking Number: [b_courier_ref]
Tracking URL: [b_courier_url]
Shipping/Tracking Notes: [b_courier_notes]


Custom tags related to members record:

mbr_reference mbr_notes

Account ID: [mbr_reference] 
Member Notes:  [mbr_notes]

To have full price details in your docket template:


Product review email notification - order details with review stars:



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