Custom Invoice / Receipt Templates

Free support is strictly limited for the advanced custom receipt / invoice templates area. The opportunity you have is to fine tune the layout of your dockets, but substantial effort is requried, and it's not for the light hearted.

Essentially you need to craft all the dynamic elements if you want a custom template. 

If you make a mistake and want to revert to the original defaul tempate, just delete your custom template and save it blank. 

The following custom tags can be used. with square brackets around it. 


hi [b_cust_name]

thanks for your order [ORDERNUMBER]



Custom Tags

b_cust_name, b_cust_firstname, b_cust_company, b_cust_address, b_cust_suburb, b_cust_city, b_cust_state, b_cust_postcode, b_cust_country, b_cust_email, b_cust_phone,

b_ship_name, b_ship_firstname, b_ship_company, b_ship_address, b_ship_suburb, b_ship_city, b_ship_state, b_ship_postcode, b_ship_country, b_ship_email, b_ship_phone,



b_cust_notes, b_gift_message, b_confirmTermsAndConditions, b_custom_fields,


Shipping related tags

Ship Date: [b_shippedon] or [shippedon]
Tracking Number: [b_courier_ref]
Tracking URL: [b_courier_url]
Shipping/Tracking Notes: [b_courier_notes]


Custom tags related to members record:

Account ID: [mbr_reference]

Member Notes:  [mbr_notes]

To have full price details in your docket template:


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