Working with Tables

Either click here to edit or replace this text with your own, or delete the block from the options on the left, or drag sample content layouts from the right, then replace those images/videos with your own.

If you don't like this editor mode, you can select other editor modes from the top right where it says Drag & Drop. TinyMCE3.5.10 is the old editor mode, good for tablular based formatting.

Adding a new table

You can add a new table snippet block via the drag-drop sidebar column, or via the ADD SNIPPET BLOCK button when hovering over content.

The snippets are located in the TABLES section.

Formatting a table

To edit a table via the drag-drop area, click into a table cell and click the YELLOW COG icon that comes up.

Any changes by default will be applied to the current active cell, but you can change to target the table or table row as well.