Add your sitemap.xml to Bing Webmaster Tools

Linking your domain name to a search engine will allow the search engine to index all relevant content on your website and keep track of pages and content as they are added, updated or removed.

Bing Webmaster tools also provides reporting on search engine results, an other handy information which should assist you in optimising your website.

Linking your websites sitemap.xml file with Bing Webmaster Tools

At the time of writing you can sign up via

  1. Create your account and sign in
  2. Add your domain name / website URL  via the Add a Site dialog box.
  3. You will be able to add your sitemap.xml link to the next page before the wizard verifies both the domain and sitemap exist. The location for the sitemap will be
  4. Once these have been checked and approved you will need to prove ownership of the website by uploading a verfication code. This can be done in a number of ways, such as downloading/uploading a file to your website or adding a meta tag code. 
  5. Once you have uploaded the file or code and PUBLISHED the site to make it live on the domain. You should be able to verify ownership and have your site connected to Bing Webmaster Tools.

Downloading the verification file and uploading to your website from within the CMS

If you are using the file upload route - the following steps should assist with uploadign the file for verification.

  1. Download the supplied verification file e.g. BingSiteAuth.xml
  2. Navigate to the FILES area in the content management system.
  4. From the Mangage Files Screen choose UPLOAD FILE and browse your computer to the location you downloaded the file.
  5. Press PUBLISH to make the file live on your website this may take up to 5 minutes.
  6. Verify the file (if it doesnt validate right away try again in a couple of minutes and test that the file has uploaded ok bu checking your website e.g.
  7. Once successful you will see the dashboard for the website statistics.

Verifying by adding a meta tag into your webpage

  1. Highlight and copy the supplied meta tag e.g.     
  2. In the CMS hover over the SEO button, then from the dropdown choose ANALYTICS/ADWORDS TRACKING
  3. Edit the section Other Tracking Code (and Meta Includes) (Before End Head Tag) and paste the meta tag into this area.
  4. PUBLISH the change.
  5. Wait a couple of minutes for the change to be published on your site, then verify.
  6. Once successful you will see the dashboard for the website statistics.

Verifying by via the Domain DNS option (Advanced Users)

  • Click the Domains/Email Button
  • From the list of domains and from the icons next to your domain, click the DNS icon (Streetsign)
  • Click Configure A-Records, CName, SPF, Zone Records (Advanced Users)
  • Add the TXT or CNAME record as indicated.
  • Wait at 24 hours before testing.

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