Verifying your domain with Google, Bing.

Google and Bing etc need you to validate you are the true owner of a domain name before they let you use advanced features they provide. 

WARNING: No warranty nor free support is provided for supporting you with these 3rd party services.  

To verify your website via HTML file  (easiest)

This option only works if your website is live, and not a backup/placeholder account. 

  1. Log in to the CMS
  2. use the manage files area,
  3. then public web ftp,
  4. then create a file like they say, eg googlecb6cfd3d4344cf2e.html,
  5. then paste in the same filename as the content of that page, then save.
  6. That's it, you don't need to publish.
  7. Wait for google to verify... Repeat process if needed.


To verify your website via Meta Tag

This option only works if your website is live, and not a backup/placeholder account.

  1. Log in to the CMS
  2. Click the design button, then choose Custom Template Editor
  3. On this page you'll see a list of templates A-F, scroll down the page until you find the OTHER INCLUDE FILES header, then choose Meta Extra (meta.html)
  4. This will open a new editor window, paste the supplied code into the editor
  5. Save the page, then publish to add it to the template - note publishing will make any other edits you have saved, but not yet published go live.
  6. Your search engine should then be able to verify your website


To verify your website via Domain CNAME or TXT record

This method will work even if your website is not live. Assuming your domain is registered with us, and you use our default nameserver templates.

WARNING: DNS changes can take 48 hours to propogate, and the same time to fix any mistakes you make. Worst case scenerio, you get no email and no website for 48 hours, and it will cost you 1 hour for us to fix it for you.

  1. Log in to the CMS
  2. Hover over domains, select your domain,
  3. Click Nameservers
  4. Click Manage A-Records
  5. Enter the CNAME or TXT record as instructed by Google
  6. Save and wait a minimum of 1 hour, preferably 4 hours, sometimes 24 hours depending on the service. 
  7. Then wait for Google to validate that change


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