Subscription Payments


There are a few options, depending on how often you want to account for payments, how long the contract term is, and how likely it is a customer might modify their standing order. 

1. Use the "Repeat Order Service".

The repeat order service automatically creates a draft order immediately after submission of the initial order. The customer selects the repeat interval. At the repeat date, the draft order will be submitted, and the process begins again. This is great for home or restaurant food replenishment, retail stock replenishment etc, as it gives the customer a chance to cancel or make changes to their order at any stage. The assumption in this process is usually that payment is made on account, via an accounting system like Xero, that may tally up weekly/fortnightly orders and take a monthly payment. In any case an invoice is sent to the purchaser each time the order is submitted, with the option to pay by the usual method of payment. The obligation remains with the merchant to confirm orders have been paid, or meet their terms of engagement, before fulfilling an order.  Orders will simply show as unpaid in our system, until marked as paid in Xero, or actually paid by some other means. 

2. If you run some sort of online membership service,

consider using our membership widget. Our membership widget will allow new members to signup and pay for immediate access. Thereafter, it will send them a reminder near to their expiry date asking them to renew their membership. This sort of approach works best with 3 month, 6 month or 12 month terms, where renewal is not automatic.

3. If you want a set and forget payment plan,

such as gym membership, then you are best not to use the shopping cart for this process. The best way to setup a recurring payment plan, is to find a payment provider such as stripe or paypal who have special features for managing all of your subscription payments. Each of them will allow you to add some "widget code" anywhere in your website. Inside our website builder CMS, you can paste this code as HTML. This is a very simple interface, with all management of subscriptions taken care of by the payment provider. 

4. You may also consider using our shopping cart

You may also consider using our shopping cart to offer customers their first month payment. Thereafter, you can set up a recurring payment plan in an accounting system like Xero, and use their methods of payment, and their reconciliation system to manage that. 

You can create subscription/recuring billing in some payment gateways like Paypal

  1. Signup to paypal, login etc
  2. Click on merchant services
  3. Click on "Subscriptions and Recurring Payments"
  4. Customise your button and consider your own business logic calculations.
  5. Enter any amount if you want this to be dynamic later
  6. Generate the code
  7. Login to our CMS
  8. Shopping - Setup - Credit Cards - Custom HTML
  9. Paste your code snipped
  10. Replace the fixed amount with [AMOUNT] to ensure that the field is dynamic. However, if you only have 1 product for sale, which represents the full value of your contract term, then you might consider just assigning a fixed monthly value here.

If you want to have anything more complicated, then you will need to get a programmer to do this for you.

If you want to have automatically redirecting form, then you can select the alternative Custom Form, but you need to separate the FORM descriptor into the individual components

Or do away with the shopping cart, and just make heaps of these buttons from Paypal and insert onto your website in appropriate places using the Insert... HTML options

Support Note:

This is a very advanced feature. Please do not expect free support for this feature. If you want help, this time will be chargeable.

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