Auto cancel unpaid orders

Learn how to setup the automated cancellation of unpaid orders

Consider that credit card payment orders should likely be paid within 1 hour of an order being submitted, otherwise, it's unlikely that it will be paid. 

However, online banking payments make require 3 days over a weekend before they are reconciled. 

Therefore, the timeframe that an unpaid order should be automatically cancelled is dependent on payment method, and therefore, the setting to automatically cancel an unpaid order is configured as a payment option setting. 

Steps to configure auto cancelling of unpaid orders.

  1. If you are using the events widget, find the "Setup Shopping Cart" link/button. Otherwise, click the main Setup Shopping Cart button on the left menu
  2. Select the payment options
  3. Select the payment option you want to setup auto cancellation for. 
  4. Scroll down to the auto cancellation drop down box, and select an option that makes sense for this payment option. 
  5. Please note that you should use resaonable timeframes to deal with the situation of payment reconcilation, long weekends, staff holidays, etc. 
  6. Support around the logic of auto cancellation is considered consultancy and subject to support/training fees. 

Alternative Manual Approach

Keep a regular eye on your "unpaid" orders list, you can filter for unpaid orders in your main orders list.

Tick/check all unpaid orders that are older than a few days, and then click the button to CANCEL orders. 

Cancelled orders should automatically cancel any events or bookings associated with the order. 

We do not offer a DELETE option, because it's important to retain an audit trail. Deletions may have been in error.

Stock Handling

Stock consumed by an unpaid order will remain consumed until such time as the order is cancelled. Once an order is cancelled, the stock counts will be replenished by the exact number of items that would have been consumed by the cancelled order. Take care considering orders in progress when doing a stock count. 

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