Working with Custom Payment Options

We now support a custom FORM/URL builder. So you can integrate almost any known payment gateway, using our dynamic parameter and custom HTML code segment.

The custom code segment is limited to 500 characters, however, you can insert additional javascript code using the appropriate link ("Special Thank You Message") in the Advanced options area. (Same link for adding google analytics conversion tracking code). Or just use a script SRC include to reference an external javascript file.

You can insert the following variables into your code, url, form or whatever,

  • [CURRENCY] = the 3 digit currency code
  • [AMOUNT] = the decimal amount in dollars and cents
  • [AMOUNTCENTS] = the amount multiplied by 100, such that it is the total cents
  • [ORDERID] = order id, reference id, transaction id, invoice id, same as the ID on the order notification
  • [EMAIL] = the email address of the customer as per the first address section
  • [DESCRIPTION] = a very short summary description of all the products in the cart...

For the URL redirection method, the text fields above are encoded, so that you can embed them easily in your URL

For the FORM method, you must separate the action URL and form method from the form parameters. Do not include your FORM tags. We will automatically post your form which will redirect to the destination page. Submit buttons are optional.

The HTML/Javascript snippet option allows you to do even more... but any automatic redirections need to be taken care of by yourself, and note the character limit for the custom code segment. Perhaps limit your code here to just converting the variables into javascript variables, then insert your actual javascript library in the the appropriate area ("Special Thank You Message" in the Advanced options area. or just use a script SRC include to reference an external javascript file.


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