Event Layouts and Styling

Events can be presented as a list or as a calendar. 

You can further tweak your designs using CSS styles. 

Events can be categories, using a comma separated list of tags. If you set categories on your events, then a drop down box will appear allowing users to filter events by category (being any category matched if there is a list of categories marked by comma separator.

Search Tricks

If an event 1 has categories=    Holiday, Holiday Extra
And event 2 has categoried=   Holiday, Holiday Bonus
Then a search on category Holiday would find both of them, because commas are treated as a separator in this case.
If an event 1 has category=   Holiday Extra
And event 2 has category=    Holiday Bonus
And event 3 has category=    Holiday
Then a search on category Holiday would find all 3 of them, because "holiday" is a substring of all of them... it does not require an exact match. 


The categories are converted to class names, for each and every category.
If an event 1 has categories    Holiday,HolidayExtra  
then calendar link class = "Holiday HolidayExtra"
or on event list class = "cmsEventListTypeHoliday cmsEventListTypeHolidayExtra"
Duration Styling
If the event lasts longer than 7 days, it will have an additional class called "eventTypeOften" or if shorter, then "eventTypeSpecial", allowing you to focus on which events are continuous in nature, versus ad hoc events. 

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