Event Layouts and Styling

Events can be presented as a list or as a calendar. To switch between the two views, click the arrow tab on the right hand side of the Events Calendar page. 

You can further tweak your designs using CSS styles. 

Events can be categories, using a comma separated list of tags. If you set categories on your events, then a drop down box will appear allowing users to filter events by category (being any category matched if there is a list of categories marked by comma separator.

Search Tricks

If an event 1 has categories=    Holiday, Holiday Extra
And event 2 has categoried=   Holiday, Holiday Bonus
Then a search on category Holiday would find both of them, because commas are treated as a separator in this case.
If an event 1 has category=   Holiday Extra
And event 2 has category=    Holiday Bonus
And event 3 has category=    Holiday
Then a search on category Holiday would find all 3 of them, because "holiday" is a substring of all of them... it does not require an exact match. 


The categories are converted to class names, for each and every category.
If an event 1 has categories    Holiday,HolidayExtra  
then calendar link class = "Holiday HolidayExtra"
or on event list class = "cmsEventListTypeHoliday cmsEventListTypeHolidayExtra"
Duration Styling
If the event lasts longer than 7 days, it will have an additional class called "eventTypeOften" or if shorter, then "eventTypeSpecial", allowing you to focus on which events are continuous in nature, versus ad hoc events. 

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