What can I use a single plain pages for?

Here is a brief introduction to single plain pages. Single plain pages are the general purpose workhorse of many websites.

A single plain page is much like a Word Document. You have complete control over the format of your page with a blank white canvas to start with. However, having this control can make it harder to do more complex things.

Single plain pages are great for

  • Home Pages,
  • About Us pages,
  • Terms and Conditions,
  • Contact Us.

Single design pages are not good if you want to have a lot of links to subservient pages... e.g. if you have

  • staff pages,
  • testimonials,
  • FAQ,
  • news,
  • events
  • etc....

We have many other page templates more suited to those formats. It doesn't matter which format you use, your eventuating pages will still be as easily managed as a single design page, however, your index page will be more easily managed. An index page is the page which contains all the links to the deeper pages. An index page often has a short summary of the information on the eventuating pages.

However, you know your content best, and you may decide that single plain pages give you what you want. In this section of the FAQ, we will teach you how to achieve many of the things you didn't know you could do.

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