Uploading photos in bulk

How to upload photos in bulk - basic method using drag and drop

  1. In your web browser navigate to Files - Photo Manager.
  2. On your computer, open the file directory containing the images you want to upload.
  3. Select all of the images you want to upload (recommend doing small batches at a time) and then drag them to the are under Upload New Image File. 

How to upload photos in bulk (Old Legacy Method)

  1. Download or install some FTP software. FTP is a traditional way of moving large numbers of files around the internet quickly and easily. FTP means file transfer protocol.
    1. Download WS_FTP from here: http://www.ipswitch.com/Downloads/
    2. Create an FTP profile for your website. You will get these settings/instructions by clicking on the "manage files" area within the content management system. It's well down on the left menu.
    3. Once you have established an FTP connection to your website, then you should change directory to the "images" folder.
    4. Select the directory of web friendly images, then click the copy to server button... eg so if the whole folder is copied along with the photos in it. eg if the folder is called "myphotos" then on the server, it would now be in a new subdirectory , eg "images/myphotos"
  2. Now login to content management system using your web browser,
    1. Create a new gallery or shopping page as required.
    2. look for an "upload images in bulk" link
    3. Click on the sub directory you wish to import or enter the directory pathname from the previous steps.
    4. All your photos will be automatically imported into the database. You should now be able to view the page and see all the thumbnails automatically.


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