DNS - Changing A-Records, CNAME records, TXT records

Assuming your domain is registered with us, and you use our default nameserver templates.

Note: Only accounts with paying status can customise their DNS. DNS only hosting plans are available for a very small annual fee. When you buy a domain, it does not include a free email or DNS services. DNS and Email are additional services. We can setup your custom DNS for you, but only when you are paying for a DNS service.

WARNING: No Warranty nor free support is provided in this area. DNS changes can take 48 hours to propogate, and the same time to fix any mistakes you make. Worst case scenerio, you get no email and no website for 48 hours, and it will cost you 1 hour for us to fix it for you. END WARNING

  1. Log in to the Website builder
  2. Hover over Domains / Emails, button at the top of the page, from the dropdown that appears select your domain, (or click the DNS button next to the domain to jump to step 4)
  3. Click Nameserver Mangement
  4. Click Configure Custom Nameserver Records
  5. Make changes as required.
  6. Save and wait a minimum of 1 hour
  7. DNS changes take up to 48 hours to take effect.


  • We really encourage users to use our default nameserver templates. It makes life simpler for everyone
  • 3rd party sites like Google encourage you to make changes to your domain name to prove ownership. 3rd parties sites, although popular and although we encourage use of some of their services, the cost of implementing "integration", and "fixing issues" remains with the customer.
  • We provide DNS maintenance features for your benefit, however, these require a competency to use, and fixing mistakes is time consuming. We warranty that our system works. We do not warranty to fix mistakes of data entered incorrectly.


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