Subscription Payments

You can create subscription/recuring billing in some payment gateways like Paypal

  1. Signup to paypal, login etc
  2. Click on merchant services
  3. Click on "Subscriptions and Recurring Payments"
  4. Customise your button and consider your own business logic calculations.
  5. Enter any amount if you want this to be dynamic later
  6. Generate the code
  7. Login to our CMS
  8. Shopping - Setup - Credit Cards - Custom HTML
  9. Paste your code snipped
  10. Replace the fixed amount with [AMOUNT] to ensure that the field is dynamic. However, if you only have 1 product for sale, which represents the full value of your contract term, then you might consider just assigning a fixed monthly value here.

If you want to have anything more complicated, then you will need to get a programmer to do this for you.

If you want to have automatically redirecting form, then you can select the alternative Custom Form, but you need to separate the FORM descriptor into the individual components

Or do away with the shopping cart, and just make heaps of these buttons from Paypal and insert onto your website in appropriate places using the Insert... HTML options

Support Note:

This is a very advanced feature. Please do not expect free support for this feature. If you want help, this time will be chargeable.

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