Backups - All about Backups

We have lots of different sorts of backups, read more to understand. The primary purpose of our backups is to ensure continuity of service in the event of a major catastrophy. We also keep some backups for the benefits of individual customers, however, if you need help restoring to an older version, a fee will apply

Online Backups

You have access to several backups. Anywhere you have the word style tool bar editor, you can click the blue backups button on the bottom right. This will give you access to previous versions of the page you are working on. We keep the current version, the last version, and the last version of any previous day.

File Backups

We backup all files daily. We keep a timed backup for at least 30 days, so even if you make several changes, we can get back to a specific version of the file. There is a small fee for restoring an individual file or directory.

Database Backups

We backup our database twice daily. We keep 30 days history. However, it is difficult to restore just one customers website, so there is a fee for restoration. This fee will cost less if you contact us on the same day you have an issue, eg before close of business.  

Email Backups

All emails sent via your website forms, are kept in the "view messages" area for 90 days. We do not keep a backup of any other email, neither inwards, nor outwards, nor IMAP. If your own computer crashes, then you need to have your own backup.

System Backups

Our whole infrastructure has redundancy built in, with multiple servers doing the same job, for both load balancing, and for the event of an error. Each server has multiple power supplies and multiple disk drives doing the same thing in case one has an error. We also have a completely separate infrastructure in another location, which is a live standby system, with data being maximum 1 day old. In the very unlikely event of a datacenter fire, we would have your website back up and running in production mode, as quickly as nameservers can be updated.

Do Your Own Customer Backups

You can backup your own website using the FTP option under manage fiels. There are 2 FTP spaces, one for secure and CMS files and the other for public files like your published website and photos.

You can also backup your important data like members and products using the CSV option.


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