Slow speeds and Load balancing

Learn more about our hosting infrastructure and how you can test specific web servers or access a previous days version of your website

We run a "load balanced" web server operation. This means we have 3 different web servers, that all do the same job. If one machine breaks, then the other ones will take over the load. This can lead to some interesting results from time to time. Consider if one of the machines is not broken, but is running slowly. Then some customers might get a slow experience, and others won't.

To test each web server, please change only the "www" part of your webaddres to one of the following, and then test a specific server for slowness. If no specific server shows any slowness, then the issues is not with our servers, but with the customers internet connection (or their ISP connection to our datacenter)

  • ike
  • wendy
  • bebe

eg (but use your own web address, not ours)

As a side note. You can also access one other web server. This is a special web server which runs from a backup from the previous days database and filesystem. If you have made a mistake on your website, then this is a great way to retrieve your old information.

  • timmy

The www part of your web address tells our servers to load balance, and this will give the least disrupted service to your customers. If your website is hosted in one of our other data centers, then you can use the following prefix to specifically test one of those.

  • auckland
  • sydney
  • london
  • dallas

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