Moving away from us

Sad to hear, but here are some tips for your new web host when transfering your website.

First of all, its important to know you can't take our CMS with you, nor the shopping cart, nor any functionality that we provide. But your design is yours, as is your content, your data etc. And here is how you can get that data.

The FTP details are located in the "manage files" area of the CMS

There are 2 FTP areas, one for the public live files, and another secure area where the content and other files are kept.

You cannot get any access to /webapps/, these templates are served dynamically. You cannot transfer the CMS nor its functionality to a new provider, so any content in that area needs to be retrieved by some other method.

If you are looking for files in /uploads/99999/.... then this is actually the same as the root directory /, so just make an alias in your web config, and you will find that works fine. If the CID number, indicative as 99999 here, is not your normal CID number, then this means the graphics relate to one of our templates. Sorry you cannot copy our template or clipart graphics to another server, as this may break our license agreements with our clipart providers.


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