Google verification of Domain ownership

If you have been asked to upload a specially named file into our CMS, then you can do this by

  1. Ensure your website is LIVE status. This verification option is only available for LIVE websites
  2. Click or hover over FILES tab top right
  3. Web FTP - Public Files
  4. Create a new file of the name provided by google. 
  5. Paste in any content they provided you
  6. Save and publish
  7. Wait 5 minutes for all our remote servers to publish. 
  8. Test the verify link via google. 

Or verify via the Domain DNS option

  • Domains/Email TAB
  • Next to your domain, click DNS
  • Manage A Records
  • Add the TXT or CNAME record as indicate by google. 
  • Wait at 24 hours before testing... 

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