Facebook Pixel

Learn how to install facebook pixel tracking on your website

  1. Create a facebook pixel if you haven't already 
  2. Look for the Pixel ID in the top right of your facebook pixel dashboard, or if you can't find that, look for the long 15 digit number in the pixel tracking code. You only need that number, not the whole code. 
  3. In the CMS, go to the SEO tab, then Analytics and Tracking Codes
  4. Paste the Facebook Pixel ID in the appropriate box. Do not paste any other facebook javascript (or delete any old facebook javascript codes)
  5. Do some test events, like enquir from your website, buy something from your website and complete the checkout process, subscribe to a newsletter etc. 
  6. Wait 20 minutes and go back to the Facebook Pixel dashboard, and see if all your events are firing. 

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