Submenu Pages

Keep page content organised with Submenu Pages

Submenu page types are great for keeping pages organised under a single page. It serves as a landing page and top-level navigation item for your sub-pages.

  • Any sub page added is automatically added to the main page with titles, descriptions, links and images.
  • You can add any page type as a sub page to your main page.
  • You can drag-drop reorder the sequence.
  • Every time you add or remove subpages, titles etc. the changes are automatically updated on the submenu page.


Submenu page examples - Submenu with 3 Column Gallery.

An example Services page with 6 sub-pages added. The submenu page works as a landing page, automatically showing the sub-page content without manually needing to relink each time.



The main submenu page works as a landing page, automatically adding links, titles, images to the page based on the sub pages added.

You can add custom text above and below the content.


The management screen for the submenu pages, you can change the titles images, descriptions and reorder, or add and remove pages as needed.


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