Backups / Undo / Reverting to a previous version

Did you mess up?  Fortunately we keep backups of each page (the last save of each day that you worked on it) here's how to restore a page from these backup files:

How to restore a page backup

  1. Log in (if you aren't already)
  2. Navigate to the page editor of the page in question (click the edit icon on the blue page name button)
  3. Click the blue "Backups" button on the bottom right of the page.
  4. View the list of backups and options
  5. Select "Restore" next to the version of the page you want to restore.


Note that there are several buttons associated with each version, the function of these buttons being -

  • View - this displays this version of the page as you saved it
  • Source - this displays the HTML source code of the page as you saved it
  • Restore - the magic button that puts the saved v ersion of your page back how it was
  • Delete - this permanently deletes this backup (don't click this unless you are really sure you will never need this version again)

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