Keyboard Shortcuts

Doing a lot of typing? Want to make your life easier? Read (and perhaps print-out) this list of great keyboard shortcuts

CTRL-C  Copy the selected text

CTRL-V  Paste the selected text, BUT note these cautions to pasting

CTRL-X  Cut the selected text

CTRL-A  Select everything on the page

CTRL-Z  Undo - this is often handy, but only goes one step back

CTRL-B  Bold

CTRL-U  Underline

CTRL-I  Italics

Enter - New Paragraph

SHIFT + Enter - Linebreak / New line


Mac computers are much the same, except you press the Apple key instead of Ctrl.

Typically any keyboard shortcut you are familiar with will probably work.

Note, CTRL-S does not save. You need to click the Save Changes button.

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