Quotes (via POS)

How do I create a quote rather than an order/invoice?

In the POS and CMS Order modes, you can choose to create a Quote rather than an Order/Invoice at the last checkout step. 

Essentially, our system creates and manages a Quote or Order in the same way. You add products to the cart, select a customer, and any other aspects of an ordinary order. At the final step, we mark the order as a quote. 

Quotes will have an order status of "Quote"

Quotes will be printed/emailed with different wording, so that everyone is clear that it is a quote. 

Quotes can have customised header/footers for your terms and conditions. 

Stock / Inventory

Quotes do not allocate stock, until such time as they are PAID or SHIPPED, as this is the point they become an order, and stop being a quote. 

Status Transitions

Once a quote is paid, then it becomes status Paid, and receipts become available, and it will no longer be considered a quote. 

If you change the status of a quote to anything other than a quote, it is no longer a quote. Thereafter, it is considered an order. If you want to reprint a quote, you can then only do it via the Print Docs tab, where you can print any document for any status of an order.

Quotes can be automatically cancelled after a period of time. To enable the automated cancellation of quotes, you need to add the quote plugin where these settings can be configured.

Cancelled quotes can be retrieved from the cancelled order status filter. 

Screenshot of POS Checkout Offering Quotes

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