POS Settings

You can adjust the settings of your POS to suit your setup. 

Find the settings button on the left hand menu.

Start Mode

Allows you to select whether your start screen is your products screen or CRM.

All products Check Box

Adds a new category to the left side of the POS that shows all your products. 

Cart Order

Allows you to choose if the newest items added to the cart appear at the top or the bottom of the cart.

Option Display Format

Allows you to select the best format for options for the POS layout as it may be different to your website layout. 

Default Shipping Method

Allows you to choose a default method for shipping if not doing a direct checkout. 

Default Payment Method

Allows you to select a default payment method for checkout e.g. Eftpos.

Document Preference
Allows you to set if you want the document sent to be an invoice, order or receipt. 

Document Auto Send Preference

Allows you to set a default mode of:
  • Save order, send email
  • Save order (no email sent)
  • Save Quote, send email
  • Save Quote (no email sent)

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