Blog Lead Magnets

Any blog can be turned into a lead magnet. Learn how.

  1. Edit any blog/news item
  2. Look for the "Lead Magnet" tab (top right, center of second row), within the blog editing area.
  3. Enter a call to action. eg "Download our awesome secret recipe". This call to action will be the heading of a subscribe form.
  4. Enter your response to a subscription submission in the big box on the page. This could be any of the following options
    • PDF download: Insert a link, then upload a file as the link.
    • Voucher Code:  Just type your discount promotion code into the page
    • Subscribe for deals: Just say thank you, and give an expectation of when the customer might next get a newsletter.
  5. That's all you have to do, save, preview.

A lead magnet subscription form, can either join the general newsletter database, or specifically join a pre configured email campaign (a series of emails with a delay step between them)

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