Lead Magnet Page

Create a new web page as a focused lead magnet. You have full control over how many questions you ask new members. And control over what content is in the thank you page, and what content is in the email sent to the subscriber.

  1. Add page
  2. Page type "Lead Magnet"
  3. Define Page Parameters
    1. Specify a menu name for inclusion in your menu, or if this is a hidden page, just for your own reference.
    2. Specify your page heading as the primary call to action. 
    3. Specify a SEO filename to make sharing easier. 
  4. Now you will be editing the page. 
  5. Specify a call to action for the subscribe button , this could be "Download File" or something like that. But it should be clear to the customer that they are in fact subscribing.
  6. Specify the thank you page text, this is where you might include a download file link. Steps. Insert link, upload file.
  7. Specify the email response to the customer, this is another place where you might include a link to the download file, or password, or whatever.
  8. You can add "interest groups" or "referral questions"
  9. You can ask many other generic or custom questions, such as state, postcode, favourite colour, etc. 
  10. There are more instructions on page. 

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