I've made changes in the CMS but can't see it live?

This is the most common issue our support desk faces. Browsers cache pages and this causes you to see old/stale content. If this is your issue, there are several answers.

Have you published your website?

For changes to appear on your website, they have to be  published. Have you have clicked the publish button - located at the top right of the CMS system below the main menu buttons, or at the base of the page you are currently editing (appears once the save button is clicked)

Check the CMS again, re-edit the page, if you don't see your changes in the CMS, then perhaps you did not save, or perhaps you were logged out, or perhaps someone else in your company is editing your page at the same time.

If you have published your website
, and still can't see the changes, then there can be several reasons

Clear the Browser cache (A common problem)

You have clicked a broken link

  • If you followed an "in page link" from one page to another, then that link may be out of date. If you have changed the filenames of your pages, then you need to relink anywhere that you used the link wizard to create a link earlier.

If your place of business has a proxy server installed

  • If your place of business has a proxy server installed, then you may need to wait for the proxy to clear.

    Independent Test

    You can also check the status of your page from an independent source


    Other common reasons why you see the wrong content

    • If you have used SEO filenames, and the SEO filename is invalid, or you have changed it, then you may need to fix both the filename and/or relink it from anywhere that you had previously linked it. When you change SEO filenames, the old links from other pages to your page will not automatically update. Generally it's not a good idea to change SEO filenames, pick a good one and stick with it. Sometimes even if you have done this, the issue is still just web browser caching.. You need to REFRESH the PREVIOUS page prior to the one with the error. This will fix the link, so you have the latest link, then you should see the content you expect. 
    • If you see ERROR messages when you save, this will mean your content has likely not saved. When you re edit the page again, you should see your new content. 
    • Google and other search engines have their own caches, and it can take days or weeks for them to notice changes with your website. We cannot do anything to solve this for you. However, if you want to delete content from Google, you can make sure you delete the published file in the manage files area so that google starts getting a 404 not found error. You can also become a user of google web master tools, and this gives you more control over googles display and indexing of your content. 

    If you still cannot see the changes

    Then please provide the following information to us.

    • Name of page
    • URL of page
    • Describe the content that we should or should not see. We can't read minds, so other than by inserting our own content into your page, we cannot determine the issue. If you tell us what content we are looking for, then we can know what you are talking about without making changes to your page.

    If your place of business has a proxy server installed

    • If your place of business has a proxy server installed, then you may need to wait for the proxy to clear.

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