Clearing your browser cache

A browser cache is a temporary storage area on your device or computer where downloaded files from websites have been stored. The aim of these files is to speed up the loading of a website you visit, with the web browser checks for changes upon each visit, only downloading new files. This is done automatically.

Clearing your web browser cache can solve a few problems, including not seeing the latest page updates, having trouble logging in to sites and large amounts of files stored on your devices. Clearing the browser history gives you a clean slate to work from.

In most cases a quickfire way to refresh your current page content is to press CTRL + SHIFT + DEL

This will being up a clear cache popup window in most modern browsers, which will allow you to clear locally stored files and cookies.

WARNING: Clearing your browser cache of all item such as cookies and saved passwords will mean you will need to re-login to any sites where you auto saved a username and password including the CMS

The first step is to find out which browser you are currently running. Most browsers tell you which version you are running. The common browsers are Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer, and Safari.

Keeping up to date information of how to clear a web browser's cache is challenging, as they are continually being updated. For the latest instructions, we recommend using information direct from the web browser itself. Here are some sites to visit which can help you with that:

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