Change To Gmail

Learn how to move away from xtra/yahoo/hotmail/etc to an awesome gmail experience, and send/receive with your domain name. 

First decide if you are a "team" or a single person business. If you are a team, you need to sign up to Google G-Suite (Google Apps) and it costs about US$5 per user per month) If you are a single person business, then you can get away with a free Gmail account. 

Free Gmail Account Approach

This approach uses a mailbox on our server to send/receive (behind the scenes), but each day you will log into your Gmail account to manage your email. It does have a short delay on receiving mail, as it has to poll our mail server for new mail. 

  1. Signup for a free Gmail account. 
  2. Login to our CMS, click on your Domain, then Email,
  3. Create a new Mailbox on our system. 
  4. Create forwarding rules for any aliases you want, to point to your new mailbox.
  5. Log back in to Gmail
  6. Click the COG icon top right in Gmail
  7. Click Settings
  8. Click Accounts
  9. Add a mail account
  10. Enter the setup details for the mailbox we are providing you. 

Google Apps Approach

  • Sign up to Google G-Suite
  • Follow all their instructions to create your individual staff accounts. 
  • Use the DNS CName approach to validate your domain ownership. 
  • Login to our CMS, go to your Domain, then DNS
  • Look for the option to validate your domain by entering a DNS validation code
  • Wait for your domain to validate in Google's console. 
  • Once verified, login to our CMS and change your domain DNS template to enable Google Mail.
  • Disable email in our CMS after 2 days. (email may go to either old/new accounts in the interim)

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