Add Social Icons to your website (Facebook, Instagram etc)

To add social websites to your website, make sure your usernames or social media page URL are entered in your global contact details under the Design tab.

Go to blue Design button on top toolbar, then Add Template Widgets. Choose where you would like the widgets to appear and select what you would like from the dropdown box next to that section (e.g. Facebook like button, Facebook page like button, social media icons)


Refer to the facebook documentation.

  1. Create the Like button here:
  2. If you already have a facebook page, you should choose that URL to LIKE. Otherwise you could use your website URL.
  3. Paste the code into your website using the INSERT.. .menu, then insert SCRIPT/HTML

OR alternatively, add the appropriate [SOCIALICONS] field to your template. To load up your social networking usernames, you can do this in the contact us page of your website. Please note that to get a facebook username, that you need at least 25 likes already. refer 

Or you can install a toolbar from and follow their directions, then paste this into your website template using INSERT... SCRIPT/HTML option.

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