Getting a TLS Security Error - Invalid SSL Certificate

Are you getting a TLS error?

Are you getting a warning about an invalid certificate? 

Make sure you are using the incoming and outgoing mail servers provided by our instructions inside the CMS.

  • Incoming:  (or
  • Outgoing:

Do not use any guessed server names, that might look like this. The following details are wrong, but they may work if you disable TLS.  

  • Incoming:     (WRONG!)
  • Outgoing:   (WRONG!)

If your email was working, then suddenly stops working with the report of a TLS certificate error, then please restart your email software (and/or computer). If the problem persists, take a screenshot of the error message, and your account setttings, and submit this on our website support ticket page.


The easiest change is to "disable" TLS, or to accept the invalid certificate. Just click until you get past the error. 

If you accept the invalid certificate, you will likely get this error again in future. Our SSL certs will renew every couple of months. 

If you disable TLS, it's not the end of the world, but someone could snoop on your mail when you are using public WIFI. 

The correct answer is to change your incoming and outgoing mail server to the right settings, as above.

Configuring email settings is hard for many users. We would like to provide step by step instructions for our customers and be experts in every single email client on every single phone, tablet, notebook and desktop, for windows, for mac, for linux, for every single version that has ever existed. However, we don't do that. Our support is limited to confirming that your mail service is working, that your webmail service works, and that our mail servers work. We don't provide detailed support for configuration of email clients on phones, tablets, computers. 


Or Get Professional Help 

If you want expert help in how to setup your chosen email client, on your chosen device, then you will need to engage the services of an IT professional. IT professionals usually charge a about 1 hour fee to help you do this. Often they will install antivirus software as well. All businesses should have a competent IT professional to use. 

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