Uploading files for single members

To upload files for a single member with files only they can access

  1. Click the MEMBERS button in the main menu
  2. Click the View Member Customer list button and find the member, or use the SEARCH FILTERS option in the right sidebar
  3. Click the Member Name or green member icon to view the member record
  4. Click the FILES tab at the top-right
  5. Click the SHARED FILES (MY FILES) button and drag-drop upload the files

To give the customers access to the files on login

  1. Add a file page to the members area via the Add Page button under the Members Pages heading in the left-hand sidebar
  2. Click the button - Registration forms, Membership, Collaboration found in the Membership and Subscription section
  3. Choose the page type Member Files (Read Only) or Member Files (Uploadable) depending on your requirement.
  4. When the customer logs in an clicks the page from the Members welcome screen, they will be able to view the files assigned to them.

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