Advanced Members Widget

Consider using [LOGIN] in your template for some special advanced features.

If the user is not yet logged in, they will see a login box.

If they have logged in, then they will get their personal welcome menu.

Controlling the Menu, Member Home Page

The member options displayed in the box, are any pages password protected, hidden from main menu, and not in a submenu.

You cannot control the member home page. When a user logs in, they go to our standard member welcome page. However, you can customise the introductory text of that page, and potentially you could add a javascript redirect.... but that could cause trouble.

If you want a login page to go straight to the content of a password protected page, then you should consider doing the following: 

  • Link directly to the page you want. If users have logged in, they get the content immediately. If not, they have to login, then get the content immediately. 
  • You might also have some luck copy and pasting the HTML of a members form, then changing the form action to the page URL as above.


Each version above has a wrapper DIV with unique ID so that you can customise the look and feel of each... Or you can put your own DIV or TABLE around the tag, and stylise it once like that.



#cmsTemplateLoginForm .LoginInput   { }
#cmsTemplateLoginForm #memberEmail {}
#cmsTemplateLoginForm #memberPassword {}
#cmsTemplateLoginForm .loginSubmit { }

/* then after login */

#cmsTemplateLoggedIn .MemberName {}
#cmsTemplateLoggedIn UL { } 
#cmsTemplateLoggedIn LI   { } 
#cmsTemplateLoggedIn A  { }




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