What are your nameservers and IP addresses

The nameservers are the machines that convert web addresses (domain names) to machine IP addresses (numerical addresses)  You set these nameservers at your domain registry, then use our CMS for everything else.

ns1.cms-tool.net (
ns2.cms-tool.net (
ns3.cms-tool.net (
ns4.cms-tool.net (


  1. Your domain registration points to 2 or more nameservers (so there's a backup service if 1 is unvailable)
  2. Your nameservers then point at everything else, eg webservers, mail servers etc
  3. On our CMS we use the concept of a nameserver template, using a default template makes it easier to use. If you use our default template, then we can more easily provide you with email services and web servers.
  4. If you don't use our default template, then you should be using a custom template and entering the MX records provided by your mailserver provider, and use our default A record for your website.
  5. If you want to use your own nameservers (eg at your registry), then you should disable our nameserver templates so that our server doesn't get confused.
  6. Changes to nameservers generally take around 24-48 hours to replicate around the internet... so don't get worried if it doesn't happen straight away... Avoid making too many changes at once.

Example of how email works, considering the importance of the nameserver, here is what happens at the sending email server

  1. First of all the suffix of the domain is checked to work out which registry... eg .nz goes to the nz domain registry
  2. Then it asks that registry what the nameservers are for the domain name in question (eg everything after the @)
  3. Then once it has the nameservers, it asks the nameservers where it should send email too.
  4. Now that it knows where the destination email server is, it will then forward on the email.



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