Domain name renewals

  1. You will be sent an email from your domain registry reminding you your domain is up for renewal.
  2. Easiest, you could pay your renewal fee by clicking the link in that email, (after checking that it takes you to the correct location), but beware other fraudulant use of email in this regard... See note below.
  3. Safer to login to our CMS
  4. Domains Tab,
  5. Find your domain,
  6. Click Registry button
  7. Click renew
  8. Select your renewal term,
  9. And follow instructions for payment if you don't have enough prepaid funds. 
  10. Your domain will be renewed once you've paid the renewal fee.
  11. If you do not wish to renew your domain, please follow similar steps to the above, and select the expire or cancel option. If you set the domain to expire, we will still send you some renewal/expiry notices, but less than normal. If you don't want any further emails, then cancel your domain right away, and you will get no further emails. 

Beware Fraud! - It is fairly common to be contacted by registrar companies attempting to sell you additional suffixes (usually obscure suffixes)  In most cases these are not very useful to purchase and such offers are to be regarded as 'spam' whether or not via email

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