Logouts / Session Expired / Can't edit page X

If you keep getting logged out after only a few steps, then the problem is to do with session cookies... You need to enable these... here are some tips (the process may vary across different browsers but generally all browsers have these options somewhere)

  1. Click on your browser tools menu
  2. Internet Options
  3. Temporary Files Delete, delete all history, cookies and temporary files
  4. Temporary Files Settings, check for a new version of the page AUTOMATICALLY
  5. Security Tab, Default Level
  6. Privacy Tab, Default Level
  7. OK
  8. Close all browser windows... all of them.
  9. Try again, any luck?
  10. If not, now consider what firewalls, adware, virus killers, performance enhancers etc you have installed.
  11. Go through all of those options and ensure that you have disabled any special caching services
  12. Ensure that "session cookies" or "cookies" in general are not disabled... They should be enabled.
  13. Restart your computer.
  14. If all else fails, contact support and let us know who your ISP is, what browser version you are running, what operating system you have, and when you first noticed this problem, and any new/oddball software you have installed in the recent past.

Basically you will find that our service can be used from all sorts of web browsers and internet kiosks of all varieties... So if you are having security session issues, then this is a problem with your computer or your network. If we have all the information, then we might be able to work out your problem... but not always, as we are dependent on what you tell us...

Some other things to try are:

  • Ensure you have Windows Security updates enabled
  • Update your browser to the latest version  
  • Consult a local computer technician.

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