10 tips everyone should know

Here is a quick list of things that everyone should know. These are the answers to the most common support questions.
  1. It is ok to publish when you're a trial customer. It does not mean go live. Once you are live, it has more meaning. But it effects any navigation in test mode.
  2. Press SHIFT-ENTER for single spacing on the single plain pages with the word style toolbar.
  3. Never open our CMS editor in more than 1 web browser or tab
  4. Save changes regularly, timeouts and logouts are annoying, but a reality with web based applications. Also you will not be warned if you haven't saved changes.
  5. Position photos with tables/columns, or the alignment option. You cannot click and drag them sorry.

  6. Upload photos individually using the "Insert Picture" or similar wizard. You cannot copy and paste photos sorry, even if you see the photo on your page, everyone else in the world might not be able to. To copy a photo from another website, right click the photo, then save as, specify a location and name it then 'save'.
  7. Not all templates are equal, some are more customisable than others. If you have a specific design change required for a template, please consider using the "positional templates" or contact us to quote for your changes.
  8. Create form fields individually using the wizard. Do not copy and paste them. Each field needs its own unique field name, which is different from the prompt beside the field name.
  9. Read the tool tips on the right side of each page, read the help option top right. Most customers experience the same issues, and you will find most answers here.
  10. Support queries are free, but training and design services are not. e.g. if you have a simple question or think you have identified a bug. However we do not provide support for questions involving HTML, Javascript or CSS style sheets. We also do not provide any support for how to resize or manipulate your images except for the information in this FAQ. If you require any kind of design or SEO help, this time is chargeable. You will be quoted before being charged, so there will not be any unexpected fees.

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