How many email addresses can I have using my domain?

You can have as many email aliases as you require, but limited pop mailboxes.

To add email aliases

To add email aliases, click on the "email" button under your domain name.

Add your email aliases by entering the new domain email (eg. sales@, info@, name@) in the "Email For" field, and the destination email address in the "Forwards to" field.

Leave the "catch all" email address blank if you want to block spammers trying false names. Make sure you have included all your known aliases, otherwise all other email will be lost.

The maximum number of POP3 mailboxes

The maximum number of POP3 mailboxes you can have is limited by the hosting plan you are on... Typically you can have between 3 and 20 mailboxes depending on the hosting plan. Note, you only need 1 mailbox per staff member. Just use forwarding addresses to use common aliases, eg if joe is in charge of sales, then make 1 mailbox for joe@, then use a forwarding rule on sales@... this way if joe is promoted to management, and jane takes over sales, then you can easily change the forwarding rules for sales@ to jane@, and for management@ to joe@

Email storage

Email storage is based on the total usage of all mailboxes per website. You may have occassional spikes more than this (up to 100MB per mailbox), but if using webmail or IMAP, you must keep your account clean by deleting your trash from time to time. We will change your hosting plan if your statistical average is higher than the allowance of your hosting plan. Note this is really only of interest to people who use webmail or Imap as a preference.

  • Starter Plan Limit: 50MB total over 3 mailboxes
  • Business Plan Limit: 200MB total over 6 mailboxes
  • Growth Plan Limit: 500MB total over 12 mailboxes

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