What is a forwarding email address?

You need a forwarding email address when you have a domain name.  All email addresses that use the domain name will be forwarded to a "real" (destination) email address. 

Example forwarding rules

myname@exampledomain.comforwards to -> testemail@gmail.com

myname@exampledomain.com - forwards to -> name2@exampledomain.com [must be a pop email account]

NOTE: For this second example to work name2@exampledomain.com would need to be set up as a pop mailbox. It cannot be yet another fowarding rule.

Transferring the domain

If you are transferring your domain name you will  need to provide us with a "real" (destination) email address so we have somewhere to forward your domain name email to.

If you don't have an alternative email address, then we can set you up a new POP3 mail account.

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