Uploading a new banner

Please note that this option is available on most templates, but not all.

Uploading an image from your computer

If you wish to upload an image from your own computer,

  1. Go to the DESIGN button at the top of the page. Then from the drop down that appears click on BANNER IMAGE
  2. If there is alreay a banner image uploaded, click the CHANGE button in the main banner (1st image) box. Other click SELECT IMAGE.
  3. Once you have found the image upload it onto the page. 
  4. Then you will need to crop /resize it by selecting an option from the resize drop-down menu.
  5. If you dont want to crop the image, uncheck the MAINTAIN ASPECT RATIO checkbox. This will then unlock the crop selection box allowing you to choose a custom area.

Removing the image

  • If you are not happy with this image it can be removed by clicking "HIDE".

Creating your own banner

Learn how to create your own banners here using MS Paint

Other image editor options


Please note that the banner change option is available on most templates, but not all. If you are really interested in customising your template more, you should consider starting with a  Customisable Options template or contact us to convert your preferred design template into a custom template. A small fee applies for that option.

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