Using MS Paint to resize or create logos, buttons and banners

Every windows computer has a free graphics program called MS Paint... It really is a helpful little tool, and you can use it to crop/resize photos or create custom logos, banners and menu buttons. Using a combination of images and fonts, you should be able to make nice banners, logos and buttons.

Starting the application

  1. Start menu, programs, accessories, Paint
  2. Or you can sometimes right click on the file in your windows file explorer and click send to Paint.
  3. File menu, open, browse to My Images and select your photo for editing.
  4. Remember if you make any mistakes, go to the edit menu and click UNDO (or Ctr. Z)...  

Resizing Photos

  1. Compare the visual size of the original photo in Paint, with the approximate visual size that you would like it to be. eg by thinking about how big a web page is on your screen.
  2. Click on Image menu, then resize/skew, then enter a percentage into the first 2 boxes, eg 20% 20%, thus reducing the image to 1/5th of the size on both dimensions.
  3. Finally if you want to get a very exact size for your image, please go to Image menu, then attributes, select the units to be pixels, then one of the following dimensions.
    • W=600 H=100  Narrow banner
    • W=750 H=100  Wider banner
    • W=320 H=200  Standard landscape dimensions for content image
    • W=480 H=300  Full page width landscape dimensions for content image
    • W=160 H=100  Small image to be right aligned within content of page
    • W=100 H=100  Logo

Adding Text Over your Photo

  1. Click on "A" from the toolbar, click and drag where you want the text to go.
  2. If you don't see a font toolbar, click on view menu, then view text toolbar.
  3. Select a font, and bigger size, about 48 pixels high,
  4. Type your text,
  5. Select an alternative colour for the text
  6. If you want to hide that white background behind the text, then click the bottom icon on the left toolbar...
  7. When finished, click elsewhere in the page.

Copy an image from a PDF or similar 

  1. If you can't just right click on an image in a PDF or web page to copy or save it, then you can also do the following:
  2. Look at the document you want to copy.
  3. Press the ALT key, and the PRINT SCREEN button on your keypad top right near the delete and insert key.
  4. Then back in Paint,
  5. Edit menu, then paste.
  6. Then follow the next directions about selecting and cropping the area you want.

Cropping Photos

  1. Use the rectangle select tool from top of left toolbar.
  2. Click and drag your mouse to select the area you want.
  3. Go to Edit Menu, then Copy.
  4. Then File menu, new. Go to Image menu, attributes, change size to 1 and 1.
  5. Go to edit menu and paste.
  6. You should now see your original selection with no white borders to the right.

Saving Your Changes

  • File menu, save as,
  • type=JPEG!
  • Consider the folder you are saving your files into, perhaps put all your web photos in a special folder.
  • Enter a unique filename so do don't overwrite your original file. eg ending in something like myphoto-web.jpg
  • Then save.

Uploading your Photos

  1. Banners and Logos are added in the "Design settings" area.
  2. Custom menu buttons can be added in the rename area of any page
  3. Images can be added using the Image Wizard or Insert Image toolbar on all other pages.


Microsoft provide guides here

Please also check out these web pages talking about resizing images in bulk with and better image quality reductions from


TO DO: A visual guide to go here...

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